Sheep market like any other should bow to the law of supply and demand. But the Irish sheep market is defying this norm as most of the marts recorded an increase in sheep and ewe prices despite the sizable supply. Most farmers are taking the benefits of the bullish prices and selling their sheep—Hoggets and Ewes. Here are the latest developments in the Carnew, Roscommon, and Tuam, sheep marts.

Irish Sheep Market’s General Sales Update

carcase of 4 irish sheep on display

A noticeable rising demand in various Irish sheep marts is forcing many Farmers to market their ewe hoggets which they usually sell for breeding purposes at a later period of the year. Most of the sheep marts enjoyed massive patronage of buyers last week.

Record prices of finished hoggets were at a high of ’170–175 each. Even fewer patronized marts enjoyed prices that range between ’160–164 each. However, for finished hogget’s weighing over 50 kg, their starting prices were ’155—'165 for one and peaked at €166–175 apiece.'

Overall in the marts, if the hoggets were top of the range despite weighing less than 50 kg their first prices started from €145 each and rose higher. But if the hoggets weighed between 47- 49 kg, their prices started at €137 and climbed to a high of €160 for one.

As expected, the lower the hogget weighed, the less price it fetched. For example, the prices of top-quality hoggets weighing between 44- 46 kg began at €135 apiece to €145 and ended at €150 each. But the 40 -43 kg, traded from €120 for one and peaked at €140 apiece.

Heavy Cull Ewes exchanged from €120 and topped at €140 each with top-rated Ewes selling between ’142—€146 separately. Typical prices for in-lamb Ewes started from ’80 apiece, Horned Ewes soled at about €190 per head and for exceptional Ewes the price was as much as ’200 each.

Earlier in Tuam mart, Ewes having twin lambs attracted more values with trading price beginning at ’200 per unit and peak quality types reaching ’290—€295 per unit, and a few rose to €335 apiece. Also, top-rated Ewes having one lamb, traded for between ’160 to €220 apiece.

Specific Sheep Market’s Sales Reports

Since March began, Irish Farmers are having the best time of their lives in the sheep markets. Below are the situation reports of sheep prices in three reputable Irish sheep marts. The information will enable you to make the right decisions on whether to lock in some profits now or sell later.

Carnew Mart

Carnew Mart

The Carnew mart’s management, say that on March 2, the quantity of sheep presented for sale there was over 2,200 with the hogget price peaking at €168 each.

The operators of the mart said that hoggets of more than 50 kg sold above ’150 per one and topped at €160 to 165 each. Noting that there were huge buyers for different kinds of sheep, but heavy cull Ewes are more in demand. Those Ewes traded for about €141 for one. Though the market typically was between ’70 to €140 apiece.

The prices for In-lamb ewes hovered between ’140 to €180 each. There is much demand for Ewes with one lamb selling from ’170 to ’220/unit and those with two lambs selling from €220 to €240 per unit.

Roscommon Mart

Runners of this mart claim there was an upswing of trading in hoggets and stag ewes on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Finished hoggets weighing 63 kg sold for €170. Exceptional hoggets weighing more than 50 kg were sold for €155 per head. Stag ewes were sold in the range of €138 to €152 each.

In-lamb Ewes plus ewes with lamb-at-foot saw a massive buying in the mart that day selling for ’175 separately. Ewes with sets of lambs sold for nearly €295 each.

Tuam Mart

On March 2, 2021, the Tuam mart held its weekly sales of sheep. Hoggets trade was an improvement of last week’s trade. Store category hogget and finished hoggets were in hot demand. On the other hand, the Cull ewe was of excellent quality. The highest price for finished hoggets weighing 53.5 kg to 55.5 kg was €169. But heavy hoggets weighing 66 kg traded for €170. More favorable selling took place for hoggets weighing from 44 to 49 kg.

Those that weighed within 47 to 49 kg sold for about €136 to the largest price of €155 each. Better quality hoggets weighing 49 kg from two separate enclosures, sold from €157 and €164 each.

Hoggets weighing in the range of 44 to 46 kg were sold from €137 to a high of €151 for one. Other remarkable sales took place for the 42 kg hogget that was sold for €139. Usually, most hoggets that weighed from 40 to 43 kg sold from €128 to €140 each. Some that weighed lower - 32 to 39 kg traded for a minimum of €80 and a maximum of €122.

The cull ewes that were on offer were ordinary and most were store-type breeds with a sprinkle of heavy ewes. Because these animals were not the top of the range, prices matched the quality on offer. Prices started for most from €46 to €82 each.

However, the ewes weighing 80 to 90 kg traded from €93 to a peak price of €114 for one. While the heaviest ewes that weighed more than 90 kg traded at the highest prices of €130 each.