Mimi and Owen working an Irish Farm

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a change in the approach to doing many things. It made the world see that a certain category of workers is more important than we think. Challenges posed by the pandemic also saw certain changes. However, these changes were only possible due to the impact of technology.

In Ireland, the gaming industry had to make some necessary adjustments. It now uses technology to provide its services via online casinos. Various workers now work from their homes instead of coming to the office. A number of full-time jobs are more like part-time jobs. Farmers are now appreciated more than ever.

The Irish Farming Community

Irish Farming Community

Farming is one of the major forms of livelihood in Ireland. Over the years, farming has blossomed into a more refined form of work. Back then, farming in Ireland was crude. This involves the whole process, from the tools to the people working on the farms. Finance was also a major issue as only the wealthiest individuals get to successfully operate large farms.

As time went on, the challenges facing farming were considered and solutions to these challenges were provided. To be able to discuss these issues, farmers had to come together. This is what brought about the Irish Farming Community. The purpose of this community is to proffer solutions to the challenges of the community.

The community also understands the importance of farming and encourages enthusiastic individuals to take up farming as an additional source of income. It is dedicated to providing Irish farmers with valuable information about farming. Information like the best farming practices to improve yield. The community also informs members about various pests, insects and diseases on the rampage in Irish farms.

The information provided by this community is authentic. This is because the community engages in qualitative and quantitative research to get its findings. Irish farmers play very important roles in sustaining the country, and they deserve the much-needed support. Besides the best farming practices, this community also provides alternative farming practices for individuals who cannot afford these best farming practices.

Irish Farming Part-TIme Jobs

The Irish Farming Community isn’t only for full-time farmers. There are many members of this community who are part-time farmers which found job opportunities at Farm Relief. The requirements for these part-time farm jobs vary. Some may require applicants to have significant experience in farming. Others may require that applicants have little experience with farming. There are still some part-time farm jobs that don’t require experience as workers will be trained. Below are some part-time farm jobs in Ireland.

Farm Mechanic

two mechanics repairing a tractor

Modern-day farming is very much mechanized. Machines now take heavy duties from human beings. There are different machines that farmers now use to ensure more efficient and effective farming. They include tractors, windmills, incubator, harvester, water pump and so on.

Although they are machines, they need regular maintenance to continue working optimally. Without proper maintenance, these machines will break down. It is the duties of a farm mechanic to keep these machines working. He or she will ensure their proper maintenance. This includes regular services of these machines. The farm mechanic will see to their repairs. In the case of wear and tear, he will ensure that the worn-out parts are changes.

The job of a mechanic is often reserved for individuals who have degrees in engineering. Although candidates with experience working on a farm are often preferred, anyone with a degree in mechanical engineering and is willing to work on a farm can get the job. To work as a part-time farm mechanic, you arrange with the farm owner on the schedule to come for servicing and maintenance. Repairs are often on-call as nobody knows when a machine will break down.

Animal Doctor

Animal Doctor

Animals need proper care and attendance to flourish. However, they often get sick. Sometimes, it may not be sickness but an injury. There are also cases where animals will need the assistance of a health worker. One of such is during delivery. This is why every farm needs or already has a doctor.

A farm doctor sees to the health of animals on the farm. He or she treats injuries, administer vaccines, helps animals to be delivered of their unborn kids and does regular checkups on these animals. The job of an animal doctor is also a skilled job. It is for individuals with a degree in veterinary medicine. As a part-time doctor, you work mostly on-call and during scheduled visits. It balls down to your agreement with the farm owner.

Farm Office Assistant

The farm office assistant is the executive assistant of a farm. This is the type of farm job that does not require any serious amount of skill. Anyone who is willing to learn can be taught the basics of the job. The job simply means being an extra pair of hands at the farm. Although it is a full-time job, it can also be on a part-time basis.

The farm assistant works from the farm office most of the time. He or she keeps records of farm activities and farm inventory. Farm office assistants also help out with other farm work like planting, harvesting, feeding animals and so on. It still balls down to the agreement between the individual and the farm owner.

Liam O’Connor’s Story

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Liam is a part-time farm office assistant who also works with an online casino. He works as a game software developer for the online casino. Many online casinos in Ireland now allow their workers to work remotely. Not just remotely but from rural areas. Liam claims to work for the best online casino Ireland has to offer. However, he refused to give details of the name of the casino. Liam had to seek an additional source considering the state of things.

He believes that allowing workers to work from remote rural areas is a step in the right direction. After moving to the suburbs, he was able to get a job at a major farm. He works at one of the major farms in Skerries. Although he is a part-time farmworker, Liam spends most of his time on the farm. This is because he uses the office on the farm as a makeshift private workspace.

Although Liam had little or no farm skills or experience working on a farm, he was able to secure the position of office assistant. This is due to the fact that he had adequate knowledge of how to use a computer. Although he is an office assistant, he also deputizes as a general farm assistant. When asked about the reaction of the farm owners, Liam said, “they did not seem to object as long as it did not affect my performance with farm work.”